Expansion of the Universe

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Can two galaxies move away from each other faster than the speed of light? (Intermediate) Views: 97287
Cosmologists say the expansion of the universe is accelerating, what is driving this? (Intermediate) Views: 38386
Is the universe really like an expanding balloon? (Intermediate) Views: 69012
How can observations of the distant universe prove that the expansion is accelerating *now*? (Advanced) Views: 33758
Is the universe expanding faster than the speed of light? (Intermediate) Views: 455689
How do we define distance in an expanding universe? (Intermediate) Views: 78916
No matter how fast the universe is expanding, shouldn't gravity eventually make it recollapse? (Intermediate) Views: 33814
What is the universe expanding into? (Intermediate) Views: 563225
Why is it difficult to understand the expansion of the universe? (Beginner) Views: 70159
If the universe is "bounded" today, could it one day become "unbounded"? (Advanced) Views: 40034
How are galaxy distances inferred from their recessional velocities? (Intermediate) Views: 62237
What would the Big Crunch look like to an observer on Earth? (Advanced) Views: 43872
How fast is the Universe expanding? (Intermediate) Views: 85944
Could our position in the universe affect our perceptions of the expansion? (Intermediate) Views: 47043
Can the acceleration of the Universe be analogous to apparent acceleration in a airplane? (Intermediate) Views: 61187
How is it proved that the Universe is expanding? (Intermediate) Views: 72459
What is the difference between the "Doppler" redshift and the "gravitational" or "cosmological" redshift? (Advanced) Views: 87398
Could the Universe have expanded faster than the speed of light at the Big Bang? (Intermediate) Views: 85045
Is cosmic expansion happening on microscopic scales? (Advanced) Views: 37571
How do we know if the universe will keep expanding forever? (Intermediate) Views: 85292
How do supernovae show us that the Universe's expansion is accelerating? (Advanced) Views: 15597
When measuring the expansion of the universe, do astronomers consider that they're seeing how galaxies moved long ago, not today? (Intermediate) Views: 34618
Is dark energy affected by black holes? (Intermediate) Views: 28002
As the universe expands, why don't galaxies get stretched out? (Intermediate) Views: 15920

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