Is dark energy affected by black holes? (Intermediate)

Can dark energy escape super-massive black holes?

Dark energy can escape a black hole, no matter what size the black hole is and no matter how close the dark energy is to the center of the black hole. This is because dark energy is not affected by gravity at all.

Dark energy is what causes the universe to expand faster and faster, and this means that it actually has an effect opposite gravity's, since gravity pulls things together. So, while gravity causes things like stars and planets to be attracted to each other and become physically closer, dark energy makes everything in the universe become more distant because it makes the universe stretch bigger and bigger.

For this reason, it is the only thing in the universe, as far as we know, that is not affected by supermassive black holes.

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Sarah has a B.A. in astrophysics from Agnes Scott College, where she worked in the field of radio astronomy, and an MFA from Cornell, where she now teaches.

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