Is there a list of the sizes of different kinds of stars? (Beginner)

Which is bigger? A Neutron Star ,or a White dwarf? Is there a list of the smallest type of star to the biggest?

White dwarfs are bigger than neutron stars, though not as massive. White dwarfs are about the size of the Earth, and neutron stars are only about 10 km across. (Though both are much more massive than the Earth, so their densities are enormous.) To find out how big different kinds of stars are, see this Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) diagram (though neutron stars are not included).

The pink lines are lines of constant radius. The numbers marking each of the lines are in units of "solar radii" (1 = the radius of the Sun). So the largest stars are in the upper right of the diagram, and the smallest are in the lower left. You can also find more elaborate descriptions on this page.


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