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Ask an Astronomer! @ Cornell University Podcast

We at Ask an Astronomer have been hard at work developing a NEW Series of Podcast episodes to spread our joy and excitement of astronomy to all of you visiting our website. We are a grassroots group of volunteer graduate students.

We still answer questions submitted by you, our readers, and we also discuss our favorite astronomy stories.

Take a listen of our latest episode: please click on the PODCAST banner above and subscribe to our podcast. (Read below for information on how to subscribe.)

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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an mp3 that can be downloaded and played on a computer or portable media device. I like to think of a podcast as a free periodic radio show that has been converted into an mp3. An individual podcast series (such as the Ask An Astronomer Podcast) appears as episodes that are made available weekly or monthly. By subscribing to a podcast you can receive new episodes and updates automatically. That's all there is to it. To subscribe, you must have podcasting software installed on your computer such as Apple's free iTunes (iTunes Podcast FAQ; Download iTunes)

If you download or subscribe to the podcast, you can play the podcast later or take it on the road with a portable media device, such as your computer or an iPod.

What is the Ask an Astronomer Podcast?

We at Ask an Astronomer love to talk astronomy. We are a grassroots team of volunteer graduate students at Cornell University who have begun writing, editing, and producing a new podcast series out of a spare office which we've turned into a recording studio. On the podcast, we sometimes answer questions submitted by readers. Sometimes we write segments which can only truly be captured by an audio format: the sounds of lightning storms on Saturn, for instance. Sometimes we kick back over a cup of coffee and discuss the importance of new research being published. It is a space for us to get vocal about astronomy!

This sounds cool and I want to subscribe! What do I do?

Podcasting has become so ubiquitous that many computers already have everything you need installed. The most common and easiest software to subscribe to podcasts with is iTunes. You can download and install iTunes for free by following the instructions listed on this page. With iTunes or other software installed, you are ready to subscribe.

To subscribe, either:

  • Click on this link to subscribe with iTunes. Your browser will then open the iTunes software, automatically subscribe to the podcast, and begin downloading the first episode. (We said it was easy.) Your browser may prompt you with a dialog box or security warning; this is a common safety feature of most browsers which prompts the user when the browser launches software. For instance, the Chrome browser warns "External Protocol Request ....... ......" It is safe to give permission to the request.

  • You can subscribe using an RSS reader or other podcast player by subscribing directly to this URL: To do this in iTunes, open the iTunes menu 'Advanced-->Subscribe to Podcast...' and paste the URL.

  • If any problem occurs, or you have difficulty subscribing to our podcast, please send us an email using our Ask An Astronomer submission form.

This podcast is great! What can I do to help?

  • Please spread the word about our podcast, and help us get more subscribers!

  • Search for 'Ask an Astronomer Cornell University' in the iTunes Store, and rate our podcast! We'd like your comments, too, and you can tell us your comments there.

Can I submit a question to be answered on the Podcast?

Yes! We still answer questions by email answers, which we have been doing for roughly ten years. But we now answer questions on the podcast as well. If you would like to hear your question answered on an upcoming episode of the podcast just include 'AAA Podcast' in the 'Background section' and along with your name and town.

And we have a new questions by voicemail system we would like you to use! Be one of the first listeners to submit your questions to our new voicemail telephone number, and we can include you and your question in an upcoming podcast! Our phone number is 1-ITHACA-0-SKY (1-484-222-0759). Please speak clearly.

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