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How can I nominate myself for a Nobel Prize in Physics?

I would appreciate if my question was taken absolutely seriously. I have discovered certain things in astro-physics and as such come up with three theories. How can I submit myself for the nobels?

The Nobel Prize website has information about the Nominations procedure for Nobel Laureates.

If you follow the links there, you'll find that the Nominators for the Nobel Prize in Physics must come from one of six groups: members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Members of the Nobel Committees for Physics, prior Nobel Laureates in Physics, physics professors in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, selected professors in at least six other universities that have been chosen by the Academy of Sciences to ensure "the appropriate distribution over the different countries and their seats of learning", and finally, other scientists who were specifically invited by the Academy to nominate people.

So you can't nominate yourself for the Nobel Prize in Physics, and in fact no one that I know can nominate you either! It's a very select group of people that is allowed to propose the winners of this award. For more information, please check out the websites above.

April 2003, Lynn Carter (more by Lynn Carter) (Like this Answer)

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