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How do I become an astronomical artist?

Hi, I'm a high school senior and I am interested in astronomy. I have never been good at any kind of math so I didn't think I would be a good astronomer. after reading through questions on your website it kind of changed my mind. I was wondering, i am really good with and I use computers a lot. I am also very artistic, I can draw good and make things with clay. is there some way I could get a job, making models and graphics for astronomers? and do this without a lot of schooling?

Did you explore the link we have to the American Astronomical Society page on Careers? In particular check out the section on other related jobs which mentions opportunities similar to what you seem interested in.

There are people who make the 'artist's conception' images of astronomical objects and do a very good job (usually) of helping astronomers put across concepts to the general public. Take a look at all these wonderful images: Astronomy Picture of the Day, List of Space Art.

Lynette Cook is someone who actually does this. Check out her website, especially the biography to see how she got into it.

There is also the International Association of Astronomical Artists and the Guild of Natural Science Artists who might be able to offer more expert help on how to become an Astronomical Artist!

October 2002, Karen Masters (more by Karen Masters) (Like this Answer)

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