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Is there a simple formula to calculate solar eclipse timings from any position on Earth?

I am interested in solar eclipse calculation and I already read Jean Meeus, Duffet and Mottenbruck book but I still cannot find the formula to calculate solar eclipse time from any position on earth. Please let me know where can I get the formula.

There is no simple formula to calculate what you are interested in. The calculation of eclipses is tedious work requiring many observations or calculations of the positions of the Moon and the Sun. The lunar orbit data must then be extrapolated to find the months when eclipses might occur and then the exact times determined to see where the eclipse will be visible. The eclipse path can then be projected into the Earth's surface to find if a total eclipse will be visible from a given location at a particular time. This work requires a lot of patience and an understanding of the geometry involved and cannot be reduced to a formula.

April 2002, Jagadheep D. Pandian (more by Jagadheep D. Pandian) (Like this Answer)

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