Do planets radiate noise? (Beginner)

I've read somewhere that scientists have discovered that the planets radiate a noise that resembles music. No, I don't mean "I don't get no satisfaction", but vibrations that comes through as though they would be classified as tones, such as music.

Is this a fact? Could they possibly be classified as musical tones?

Nope, you're right! Not all planets do this, but Jupiter is well known for emitting all kinds of radio waves that sound like some sort of alien music.

Jupiter is special in doing this because it has a very strong magnetic field (an order of magnitude stronger than Earth). When charged particles are accelerated through the field, they give off radio emissions that can sound like whizzes, pops, and regular old static.

You can listen to the radio noise here.

My favorite is the slowed down s-bursts. You can almost hear the particles whizzing around!



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