What would happen if Earth had more than one moon? (Intermediate)

What would happen if Earth had more than one moon? Would our tides, or weather, or seasons, or body cycles change if we did have more than one?

The tides on Earth would definitely be affected by the presence of other moons, because the Moon (and also the Sun) is the reason why we experience tides at all. If they were many moons around Earth, the amplitude of the tides might be smaller or larger, since the effects of each other could partially cancel out or add up. There could also be more than two high tides per day, and the cycle of the tides could be less regular than it is.

If Earth had more moons, there would also be more solar eclipses. These two things would probaly be the more noticeable effects. That's because the seasons and the variation of temperature over the course of the year are caused by the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and the fact that the Earth's rotation axis is tilted. Unless the presence of more moons could affect one of these, we shouldn't notice any chages in the course of the seasons. As for our body cycles, there are no scientific theories relating them to the presence of the Moon.

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