Which American colleges teach astronomy? (Beginner)

What colleges teach Astronomy in America?

The number of colleges that teach astronomy is pretty large. The American Astronomical Society keeps a list, which is probably the most up-to-date listing.

The American Institute of Physics also provides the wonderful GradSchoolShopper.com resource, which allows you to find programs that grant graduate degrees in physics sub-fields, including astronomy and astrophysics. This isn't quite what you asked for, of course, since it focuses on graduate school. However, any school that offers a graduate degree in astro would be likely to have solid undergraduate options.

It's also worth knowing that much of a foundational education in astronomy will actually take place in physics and math coursework. There are many undergraduate physics programs that would give you a solid education in astronomy (and many of Ask an Astronomer's volunteers have undergraduate degrees in fields other than astronomy). In addition, some physics programs will have coursework or concentrations in astronomy, without an actual degree designation in astronomy or astrophysics. That means it's worth looking at physics programs, too.

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