Why do humans want to go in space? (Beginner)

My students in grade 3 and I are curious as to the reasons why humans have wanted to travel into space?

I think that humans have been wanting to travel in space because it is in the human nature to explore what surrounds us. I think that the fundamental reason why we have been in space and to the Moon is the same reason why people have climbed the Everest, crossed Antarctica, and attempted other extreme endeavors on Earth. Curiosity can lead people to great achievements.

There are also political reasons that drove people to want to go to space. In the context of the cold war, it became a big international competition between mainly the United States and the Soviet Republic to see who would put the first man in space and who would walk on the Moon first. So in my opinion, even though the curiosity and explorer nature of humans is primarily responsible for all these things happening, these political issues made them happen for real.

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