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Dave Rothstein

Dave is a former graduate student and postdoctoral researcher at Cornell who used infrared and X-ray observations and theoretical computer models to study accreting black holes in our Galaxy. He also did most of the development for the former version of the site.

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When measuring the expansion of the universe, do astronomers consider that they're seeing how galaxies moved long ago, not today? (Intermediate) Jan 08 63337
How long would it take the Earth to fall into the Sun? (Intermediate) Jul 05 145932
Have astronomers observed any phenomena that could be produced by extraterrestrial civilizations? (Intermediate) May 05 55460
Why are accretion disks flat? (Intermediate) Apr 05 63300
How do we know that nuclear fusion is still going on in the Sun? (Intermediate) Jan 05 89953
Is the universe really like an expanding balloon? (Intermediate) Jan 05 93398
If gravity is a "curvature of space" rather than a force, why do a ball and bullet follow different paths? (Intermediate) Dec 04 189561
How can we understand the meaning of large numbers like "a million million?" (Beginner) Nov 04 49672
Would extraterrestrial civilizations know that there is life on Earth? (Beginner) Oct 03 54840
Will the Moon be invisible in 500 million years? (Beginner) Oct 03 73466
What is apparent magnitude? (Intermediate) Sep 03 138990
Is the universe expanding faster than the speed of light? (Intermediate) Sep 03 523931
How do we define distance in an expanding universe? (Intermediate) Aug 03 100161
When the Sun converts mass to energy, do the orbits of the planets change? (Advanced) Aug 03 130445
What is the observational difference between a star and a planet? (Beginner) Jul 03 315655
How long do supernova remnants last? (Intermediate) May 03 58487
What is the universe expanding into? (Intermediate) Apr 03 656798
How can we see galaxies if their stars are so faint? (Intermediate) Feb 03 58390
Does gravity vary across the surface of the Earth? (Intermediate) Feb 03 312557
What process would bring about a quark star? (Intermediate) Jan 03 54647
Could there be life in the galaxies nearest to the Milky Way? (Intermediate) Jan 03 148327
Does evolution contradict the second law of thermodynamics? (Intermediate) Jan 03 225616
How does the brightness of a star depend on its distance from us? (Beginner) Dec 02 103357
How do astronauts communicate with their families from space? (Beginner) Dec 02 88703
Can you see the future as you fall into a black hole? (Intermediate) Dec 02 130962
How can we see the Milky Way if we are inside it? (Intermediate) Dec 02 407698
When we look back to the Big Bang, why don't we see the universe as a tiny speck of matter? (Intermediate) Dec 02 74346
Why do astronauts in space need to exercise? (Beginner) Nov 02 58986
Why doesn't the length of each day change much around the solstices? (Intermediate) Nov 02 102038
Do we see the same stars from above and below the equator? (Beginner) Nov 02 153579
Why isn't the sky bright at night if the universe has so many stars? (Intermediate) Nov 02 244072
What are "blue stragglers" in globular clusters? (Intermediate) Nov 02 78324
How do you calculate the lifetime of the Sun? (Advanced) Nov 02 194541
How long does a solar eclipse last? (Beginner) Oct 02 176016
What companies or businesses can astronomers work for? (Beginner) Oct 02 82350
Why aren't accretion disks around giant stars as hot as accretion disks around black holes? (Advanced) Oct 02 50155
What is the farthest in space that we have gone? (Beginner) Oct 02 155846
How close does a supernova need to be to damage the Earth's environment? (Intermediate) Sep 02 59371
Is light of different colors affected differently by gravity? (Intermediate) May 02 53454
Why do clocks turn in the opposite direction from the Earth and Moon? (Intermediate) Apr 02 105503
Do most astronomers believe in God based on the available scientific evidence? (Beginner) Mar 02 150030
What can we learn from the color of a star? (Intermediate) Mar 02 210015
What happens to a substance if its speed is more than the speed of light? (Intermediate) Mar 02 167813
Will we ever stop having solar eclipses because of the moon's motion away from the Earth? (Intermediate) Feb 02 104401
Could there have been multiple Big Bangs at different places in the universe? (Intermediate) Feb 02 78505
What is the difference between the "Doppler" redshift and the "gravitational" or "cosmological" redshift? (Advanced) Feb 02 113537
How do astronauts use math in their jobs? (Beginner) Feb 02 102782
How does astronomy benefit humankind? (Beginner) Dec 01 140716
What is the physical difference between a star and a planet? (Intermediate) Sep 01 426811
Could dark energy come from matter anti-matter pairs forming spontaneously and then annihilating? (Advanced) Aug 01 54333
Can gravitational lensing from intervening galaxies cause the observed ripples in the Cosmic Microwave Background? (Advanced) Aug 01 46847
What does the term "visible universe" mean? (Beginner) Jul 01 61358
How do astronomers use math in their jobs? (Beginner) May 01 192358
What is the density of a black hole? (Advanced) Apr 01 160236
Why is the moon in a different place every night? (Beginner) Apr 01 273803
What happened to all the black holes that were around in the early universe? (Intermediate) Mar 01 51931
Why do some eclipses take longer than others? (Intermediate) Jan 01 59930
What is a star's "spectrum"? (Beginner) Oct 00 107590
How can we distinguish a star's "real" color from the change in color that we observe due to the star's motion? (Intermediate) Oct 00 68057

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