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Lynn Carter

Lynn uses radar astronomy to study the planets, especially Venus. She got her PhD in Astronomy from Cornell in Summer 2004 and is now working at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. on the Mars Express radar.

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How did Mars get so dusty? (Beginner) Feb 04 48884
Are Kuiper Belt Objects asteroids? Are large Kuiper Belt Objects planets? (Intermediate) Jan 04 88887
Which part of the sky did the famous 'wow' signal originate from? (Intermediate) Nov 03 52921
Have astronomers discovered Earth's second moon? (Intermediate) Sep 03 127373
How far is each planet from Earth? (Intermediate) Aug 03 990896
If clocks run slow in a gravitational field, how can we know the true age of the Solar System and Universe? (Intermediate) Jun 03 55585
Since Earth is spinning, why do we land in the same place when we jump or fall? (Intermediate) Jun 03 234211
Do asteroids ever do anything good in the Solar System? (Beginner) Jun 03 55950
If Mars is only about 35-60 million miles away at close approach, why does it take 6-8 months to get there? (Intermediate) May 03 136084
How can I nominate myself for a Nobel Prize in Physics? (Beginner) Apr 03 42979
Can the Space Shuttle abort and return to Earth before reaching orbit? (Intermediate) Apr 03 44322
How do we detect incoming meteorites? (Intermediate) Mar 03 50537
!How do I make a scale model of the Solar System? (Intermediate) Mar 03 82832
What is the biggest crater recorded on Earth? (Beginner) Feb 03 70799
What's the biggest meteorite? (Beginner) Feb 03 64340
How does the parachute in a model rocket work? (Advanced) Feb 03 108270
How many meteorites hit Earth each year? (Intermediate) Feb 03 242681
Did I find a rock that came from the Moon? (Beginner) Feb 03 50533
Where did the name 'Earth' come from? (Beginner) Jan 03 326916
Why doesn't the ammonia and methane in Jupiter's atmosphere sink into the core? (Advanced) Jan 03 43983
Why is the Moon so bright? (Beginner) Jan 03 139646
What are some astronomy science fair projects? (Beginner) Dec 02 93179
How can water be chemically trapped in rocks? (Intermediate) Dec 02 60670
Who named the planets and who decides what to name them? (Beginner) Nov 02 313594
Can I buy a star? (Beginner) Nov 02 165894
Will the sun go supernova in six years and destroy Earth (as seen on Yahoo)? (Intermediate) Oct 02 164159
What are the different kinds of astronomers? (Intermediate) Sep 02 340093
Are meteorites hot or cold when they hit Earth? (Intermediate) Sep 02 117647
What's the object I saw that moved across the sky and then got very bright? (Beginner) Sep 02 98311
Are there telescopes that can see the flag and lunar rover on the Moon? (Beginner) Jun 02 327077
How do I become both an astronaut and an astronomer? (Intermediate) May 02 86168
Why does the SETI project search for radio signals? (Intermediate) Apr 02 62479
What color is Venus? (Beginner) Jan 02 354791
How do I build a model rocket? (Intermediate) Oct 01 336183
How are asteroid compositions and classifications determined? (Intermediate) Jul 01 65542
How can I tell if the rock I found is a meteorite? (Beginner) Mar 01 58642
Why aren't there any green stars? (Intermediate) Sep 00 113785
What would happen if an impact caused Earth to stop rotating? (Beginner) Aug 00 149062
How do I polar align my telescope? (Beginner) Jul 00 53999

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