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Christopher Springob

Chris studies the large scale structure of the universe using the peculiar velocities of galaxies.  He got his PhD from Cornell in 2005, and is now a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Western Australia.

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Did a giant impact cause the Dark Ages? (Beginner) Feb 11 72012
Which way does the sun travel in the southern hemisphere? (Beginner) Apr 05 112562
How can observations of the distant universe prove that the expansion is accelerating *now*? (Advanced) Dec 04 42052
Traveling at light speed, how long would it take to get to the nearest galaxy? (Beginner) Nov 04 235176
Is there a list of the sizes of different kinds of stars? (Beginner) Sep 04 81573
Are the planes of solar systems aligned with the plane of the Galaxy? (Intermediate) Jul 04 180505
Does Cerenkov radiation travel faster than light? (Intermediate) Jun 04 57038
What is the hottest time of day? (Beginner) Jun 04 179052
Why doesn't light from distant galaxies reach us instantaneously? (Intermediate) Mar 04 59847
Does the Sun rotate? (Intermediate) Mar 04 135686
Why is it easier to see a star if you look slightly to the side? (Intermediate) Feb 04 76640
When will Halley's Comet return? (Intermediate) Jan 04 533333
Is the Great Wall the largest galaxy cluster? (Advanced) Jan 04 71475
Why is the WMAP picture of the CMB an ellipse? (Intermediate) Jan 04 57161
Why can we see the sun's image before sunrise and after sunset? (Beginner) Dec 03 168429
Could someone travel the universe in his or her own lifetime? (Beginner) Dec 03 84142
Has anyone made a map of the Milky Way? (Beginner) Nov 03 55999
Did time go slower just after the Big Bang? (Advanced) Oct 03 59267
How long would it take for a mini-black hole to eat the Earth? (Advanced) Sep 03 84835
Does a photon observe other photons moving past it at the speed of light? (Intermediate) Sep 03 56976
Is there a "South Star"? (Intermediate) Sep 03 100753
Could a different theory of gravity explain the dark matter mystery? (Intermediate) Sep 03 52775
Could you escape from a black hole if you were able to go faster than the speed of light? (Intermediate) Aug 03 72486
Do unmanned spacecraft like Voyager travel in straight lines? (Intermediate) Jul 03 62942
How do we know that superclusters are the largest structures in the universe? (Advanced) Jun 03 58264
Why does the apparent density of galaxies drop off at larger distances? (Advanced) Jun 03 56236
Could matter-anti-matter repulsion power the expansion of the universe? (Intermediate) May 03 48840
Can I listen to the SETI@home radio signal? (Beginner) May 03 60867
No matter how fast the universe is expanding, shouldn't gravity eventually make it recollapse? (Intermediate) May 03 42450
Why do so many of the world's UFO sightings happen in America? (Beginner) Apr 03 79236
Can you use an infinite line of reflectors to send light to the edge of the Universe? (Intermediate) Apr 03 66436
How long does it take the Big Dipper to move in the sky? (Intermediate) Mar 03 77631
What would an "open geometry" for the universe look like? (Advanced) Mar 03 60970
What would happen if a supermassive black hole came close to the Earth? (Advanced) Mar 03 126059
How is it that we see farther out in space (farther back in time) than in the past? (Beginner) Mar 03 65905
How can the Sun have such a strong gravitational field if it's made of gases? (Beginner) Mar 03 80563
If the universe is "bounded" today, could it one day become "unbounded"? (Advanced) Mar 03 49354
Don't tachyons travel faster than light? (Intermediate) Mar 03 55030
Do stars' orbits in galaxies obey Kepler's Laws? (Intermediate) Mar 03 54702
Which American colleges teach astronomy? (Beginner) Jan 03 70654
Why do we assume that the universe is homogeneous? (Intermediate) Jan 03 65358
How do astronomers observe the Sun's interior? (Intermediate) Dec 02 61822
How does the Earth compare in size to the entire universe at the present epoch? (Intermediate) Dec 02 55556
Does the Sun have any heavy elements? (Beginner) Dec 02 61619
Is the Sun always up for exactly 12 hours at the equator? (Beginner) Dec 02 201170
What are collections of galaxies called? (Intermediate) Nov 02 82229
How does the Sun compare to other stars? (Beginner) Nov 02 215885
Do stars move in the sky? (Beginner) Nov 02 336031
Which planet is most similar to Earth? (Intermediate) Nov 02 280397
Why do supernova remnants look like rings rather than spheres? (Intermediate) Nov 02 46988
What percent of the time can astronomers observe without interference from the Moon? (Beginner) Oct 02 46259
What would the Big Crunch look like to an observer on Earth? (Advanced) Oct 02 54763
What kind of interference must astronomers contend with when observing? (Beginner) Oct 02 43880
Why does the Sun's apparent path through the sky change throughout the year? (Beginner) Oct 02 157521
Would a planet near the galactic center have a brighter night sky? (Intermediate) Oct 02 88329
Can two lunar eclipses occur in the same month? (Advanced) Oct 02 72616
Is the distance from the Earth to the Sun changing? (Advanced) Oct 02 416339
What is the approximate GPA needed in High School in Math and Science to be an astronomer? (Beginner) Oct 02 81764
Could our position in the universe affect our perceptions of the expansion? (Intermediate) Sep 02 57881

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