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Cathy Jordan

Cathy got her Bachelors degree from Cornell in May 2003 and her Masters of Education in May 2005. She did research studying the wind patterns on Jupiter while at Cornell. She is now an 8th grade Earth Sciences teacher in Natick, MA.

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When did people discover that the Sun is a star? (Intermediate) Feb 04 66229
Will astronauts ever be able to go ice-skating on Europa? (Intermediate) Aug 03 44258
Are there any new craters on the Moon? (Intermediate) Aug 03 49311
Why are there active volcanos on Io? (Intermediate) Jul 03 46322
What makes the wind? (Intermediate) Jul 03 105441
How do scientists slow light down? (Intermediate) Jul 03 48692
What is the significance of the Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle? (Beginner) Jun 03 601028
What kinds of cancer research have been done in space? (Intermediate) Jun 03 44248
What is the pattern to the distances between each planet and the sun? (Intermediate) Jun 03 77017
Why do the size and brightness of the full moon change? (Intermediate) May 03 106088
Will the magnetic field of the Earth reverse its direction in the future? Will this cause problems? (Advanced) Apr 03 136015
Why do the planets orbit the sun? (Beginner) Mar 03 719144
What is the difference between a "star" and a "sun"? (Beginner) Mar 03 449039
What are the atmospheres of Mars and Pluto like? (Intermediate) Mar 03 59003
What is happening just around the black hole in the center of the Milky Way? (Intermediate) Mar 03 58985
Can terrestrial planets have rings? (Intermediate) Feb 03 77658
How much longer will the Earth last? (Beginner) Feb 03 67863
Can we colonize other planets? (Beginner) Feb 03 68360
Is it worthwhile to continue the search for extraterrestrial life? (Beginner) Feb 03 57105
Does the Sun orbit the Earth as well as the Earth orbiting the Sun? (Beginner) Feb 03 229605
Is Andromeda part of the Milky Way? Where can I find them in the sky? (Beginner) Dec 02 64168

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