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Amelie Saintonge

Amelie is working on ways to detect the signals of galaxies from radio maps.

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Why are telescopes located in remote places? (Intermediate) Oct 05 92133
How many stars are born and die each day? (Beginner) Nov 04 219293
What was different on Mars in the past to allow liquid water to be present? (Intermediate) Nov 04 62273
Why do humans want to go in space? (Beginner) Sep 04 136919
What was that eclipse I saw in the sky? (Beginner) May 04 67285
What is the best time of the year to see eclipses? (Intermediate) Oct 03 73243
Is there sound coming from the Sun? (Beginner) May 03 72064
Can supernovae hinder the formation of life in galaxies? (Beginner) Apr 03 69250
What makes up most of the Universe? (Beginner) Feb 03 177933
Is time travel possible? (Beginner) Dec 02 117179
Are there stars outside of galaxies? (Beginner) Nov 02 125825
Are the properties of extrasolar planets known? (Intermediate) Nov 02 67756
Is the Milky Way a collision of two galaxies? (Beginner) Nov 02 80234
What kind of instruments are used to detect extrasolar planets? (Intermediate) Nov 02 84757
Can we see dead stars with the naked eye? (Beginner) Nov 02 91294
Are there any 'lonely galaxies'? (Beginner) Nov 02 56403
What is the size of the Solar System? (Intermediate) Nov 02 215937
How do solar flares affect airline pilots? (Intermediate) Oct 02 79115
What happens when galaxies collide? (Beginner) Oct 02 233888
How fast is the Universe expanding? (Intermediate) Oct 02 109753
How can I measure the distance of a star? (Beginner) Oct 02 109746
How can I calculate distances between stars? (Advanced) Oct 02 99759
How do we measure the size of the Moon and of the Sun? (Beginner) Oct 02 132660
How do we weigh objects in space? (Beginner) Oct 02 258256
What are some of the effects of solar flares on Earth? (Intermediate) Oct 02 246725
Can I build an instrument to measure the size of the Sun and of the Moon? (Intermediate) Oct 02 75604
At what speed does the Earth move around the Sun? (Beginner) Oct 02 1371100
Why does the Earth have only one moon? (Intermediate) Sep 02 186304
What would happen if Earth had more than one moon? (Intermediate) Sep 02 205641
What are shooting stars? (Beginner) Sep 02 412225
Have there been other Big Bangs before? (Beginner) Sep 02 84418
What are RA and DEC? (Intermediate) Jan 99 224843

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