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What do you mean my browser is "misbehaving"?

Our website uses something called style sheets to tell your browser (the computer program you're using to access the Internet) how to display our pages. There are agreed-upon standards, developed by the Internet community, for how browsers are supposed to interpret style sheets. If you were directed to this page by a warning message, your browser isn't following these standards and might display our pages incorrectly.

How do I make my browser stop misbehaving?

The best thing you can do is upgrade your browser to a newer one. There are many browsers that comply with standards, and almost all of them are available for free. Chances are that the same company which made your current browser has a newer version which is compliant. By upgrading, you will be able to view this site (as well as many other sites on the Internet) as it was intended to be seen.

I was sent here by mistake. My browser is fine!

It's possible that your browser is fully compliant with standards but that you have instructed it to ignore our style sheets or to replace them with your own. If so, that's fine, but be aware that our site will not appear the way it was designed to.

What if I don't upgrade? Will I miss out on parts of your site?

No! Our design philosophy is to create a website whose content is fully accessible to anyone on the Internet. The worst thing that can happen is that our pages will look ugly. How ugly they look depends on which browser you're using. Particularly troublesome are those which offer some support for style sheets, but do so incompletely or incorrectly (e.g. Netscape 4). We've tried to design our site so it doesn't look absolutely terrible on these browsers, but we can't guarantee the results.

If you do run into any problems accessing the content of our site, please let us know:

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