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Halley's Comet on the Bayeux Tapestry
Credit: Art Resource, Musee de la Tapisserie, Bayeux, France
Halley's Comet in the Bayeux Tapestry This section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicts the appearance of Halley's Comet in 1066, which at the time was taken as an omen that King Harold would lose the Battle of Hastings to William the Conqueror. This section of the tapestry is one of the earliest examples of Western space art.

Astronomy in the Arts

Astronomy, amongst all the sciences, is unusual in it's ability to inspire. Through the ages, and in almost every culture on Earth objects in the sky have been the subject of countless drawings, poems and pieces of music. This page is devoted to all forms of Art which are inspired by or include references to Astronomy.


Many thanks to a "Curious" reader whose question on the link between astronomy and poetry sparked this addition to the "Curious" site. There are many poems including references to astronomy. A selection are included here:

(Note: I have not checked if there is a copyright remaining on these poems. If the inclusion of a poem infringes on your copyright please email us and we will gladly take it down. As astronomy grad students we probably have less money than most poets so there's really no point in sueing us).

There are already a lot of good sites on the web which discuss the topic of Astronomy in the Arts, so we will not repeat them here, but instead provide a large number of links below.

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