The Moon and the Earth

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Why are there high tides during a Full Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 84651
What happens to the Earth as the moon gets farther away and will it ever go away entirely? (Intermediate) Views: 56182
Are there solar tides? (Beginner) Views: 37645
Is Earth-moon tidal friction causing global warming? (Intermediate) Views: 31776
Did the Moon or planets form in a manner similar to that of Earth? (Beginner) Views: 28656
The Moon slows the Earth's rotation, but how fast was it spinning billions of years ago? (Intermediate) Views: 86141
Does lunar gardening really work? (Beginner) Views: 40167
How close was the Moon to the Earth when it formed? (Intermediate) Views: 99565
Does Mt. Everest cast a shadow on the moon? (Intermediate) Views: 64703
Have astronomers discovered Earth's second moon? (Intermediate) Views: 113278
Does the Mediterranean sea have tides? (Intermediate) Views: 140247
Can other terrestrial moons be (or have been) stable? (Advanced) Views: 42971
Are Earth and the Moon "twin planets"? (Beginner) Views: 59787
Is the gravitational force exerted by the Earth on the Moon equal to the centripetal force acting on the Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 87450
Why does the Earth have only one moon? (Intermediate) Views: 115273
What would happen if Earth had more than one moon? (Intermediate) Views: 132719
What is the three-body problem? (Advanced) Views: 40234
What would happen if the Moon fell out of its orbit around Earth? (Intermediate) Views: 98642
Why are there both high and low tides? (Intermediate) Views: 163610
Is the Moon moving away from the Earth? When was this discovered? (Intermediate) Views: 792863
What is Earthrise over the Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 56260
Why does the Earth only see one side of the Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 73794
What would happen to the Earth if an asteroid hit the Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 80652
What would happen if we did not have a Moon? (Intermediate) Views: 250744
How do we know the mass of the Earth and the Moon? (Advanced) Views: 126963

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