Was Stonehenge built to mark solar phenomena? (Intermediate)

Was Stonehenge built to mark solar phenomena? If so what did it mark? Thanks for your time.

On midsummers day the Sun rises directly over a particular stone in Stonehenge (go here for a picture).

This was discovered in the 18th century so it has long been assumed that Stonehenge was a temple for the worship of the Sun. It has been argued by several people that this alignment cannot have been accidental and that it would have been possible to use Stonehenge as an Astronomical calculator (i.e. to predict the dates of eclipses). Other people disagree with this conclusion.

There are also many other alignments that the stones of the henge create. Most of these are aligned with solstices and equinoxes are are detailed here http://www.tivas.org.uk/stonehenge/stone_ast.html 

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